Delivering Passenger Information System to Singapore Land Transport Authority Cooperating with cloud server, providing timely information to passengers

Dec.12, 2018

LECIP (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD., a consolidated subsidiary of LECIP Holdings Corporation, has provided an upgraded Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) for 50 newly launched Diesel Hybrid Single-deck Buses to Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore.
The PIDS receives bus information from LTA backend server, to provide exterior and interior display content, such as Bus Service Destination, upcoming 3 Bus Stops Information, Digital Clock and upcoming bus stops with MRT Stations, indicating MRT Service Lines and the number of bus stops away from current bus stop. To enhance passenger traveling experience further, there will be Audio Announcement for exterior and interior passengers at various location during the bus trip.

LECIP Group believes that such an informative and enhanced system, inclusive of Electronic Destination Signs (EDS) and LCD Display Panels, will connect people and places in a convenient and efficient way.

Today, LECIP Group is working on developing our next generation system to provide more information to passengers, together with our partners, as a one-stop-solution provider for buses.

In the near future, LECIP Group will continue to support domestic and foreign bus operators, providing a customized solution to help make bus operation more comfortable.