Passenger Information Systems


LECIP provides a customized system design. For Singapore we offer a system that can be integrated with CFMS. Our system includes external LED display system (EDS BIP), external TFT LCD system (EDS EIP), in-vehicle LED display system (PIDS BIP), and in-vehicle TFT display system (PIDS EIP). Dedicated editing software for different systems.

System diagram for Singapore

Delivering reliability to passengers

Integrated Pre-Ride, On-stop and on-bus passenger experience management tools.

Our bus stop, on-board signs and displays can answer your questions and ease passengers' travel anxiety. At the same time, this dramatically improves customer satisfaction, and leads to increased ridership.

All of our on-board signs have been utilized in harsh bus and train environments across Asia. Our LCD displays lead the Japanese transit world with over 60% market-share. This experience has made LECIP the transportation industry leader with products and innovation. We are also the market leader with over 40% market-share with exterior LED Destination signs in Japan.

We Are Constantly Asking Our Customers How We Can Build Better Products To Meet And Exceed Their Transportation Needs. The Answer Is: We Are Listening To Our Customers’ Requests And Designing Future Products With Our Customer’s Ideas Within Our LECIP Research and Development Departments.

Passenger Information Displays Available in Various Locations

A full lineup of displays maximizes the convenience of bus travel.

Bus Terminal LCD Display
Bus Location System in Compliance with an integrated Bus Schedule System.
  • LCD display that provides passengers with in-depth information on bus arrival, departure, location, bus route, and destinations.
  • Capable of providing bus station maps for passengers.
  • Allows for alternating graphics.