Electronic Destination Sign



All of our destination displays offer superior readability both during the day and night as well as excellent readability at an angle. All of our LED displays are controlled by a LECIP-designed operating control console and programmed by a destination display data editor application. Our operating control console works as a control panel for LED destination display and provides the bus operator with an easy-to-use interface.


blue box High Visibility
- High-intensity, louvered LED’s for high readability
- Wide display area with a large LED Matrix capable of imaging complex messages
- Wide-view angle
blue box Automatic Brightness Control
Ambient light sensor ensures maximum readability all day and night.
blue box Easy Maintenance
Field engineer friendly maintenance procedures that make it possible to replace the parts through the rear panel of the display.
blue box Luminance Control
The brightness of the display can be controlled depending on the the status of engine (on / off) and the time of a day (day / night).
blue box Sign Editing
Display content programmed by our Software that is flexible and easy to use.